2021 diciembre


30 Dic: Political violence against the peasants of the Nicaragua resistance

Rural violence is a persistent, endemic, historical problem in Latin America (Kay, 2001), and Nicaragua has been no exception. The history of the Nicaraguan peasantry over the last forty years shows that they have been subjected to a succession of statist agrarian reform processes. These have taken place in the political sphere – coercion to join organizational processes that ignore the characteristic features of their society; and in the military sphere; violence that has spawned insecurity, promoted by state security agencies and organizations exercising partisan control to punish the peasants for not giving up their demands for freedom. This has exposed a tragic reality, the peasantry’s efforts to change the present injustice having led to an uncertain and potentially crisis-ridden future.


20 Dic: Esfuerzo presupuestario del gobierno de Nicaragua para combatir la pandemia del COVID-19

El gobierno de Nicaragua ha implementado pocas medidas económicas para hacer frente a la pandemia del COVID-19. Los esfuerzos se han centrado en obtener recursos internos y externos para financiar la emergencia sanitaria. A pesar de la crisis económica provocada por la pandemia, no se observó apoyo a las empresas ni a los consumidores, a través de la reducción de impuestos.